Salerno 2.0.0 Progress

Started by Arceus at Dec 31, 2020 7:24 pm
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I'll be notating what's been done and where we are in Salerno's development here. Due to the number of bugs in the core functions of Athens, and several functions in the original Athens being deprecated in PHP 7.4, I've decided to go ahead and rewrite Salerno from zero. I don't have a timeline or ETA as of now, but I am aiming to reach Salerno's release by summer 2021.

I am also considering help with Vesta moving forward. If you are interested in contributing to Vesta Salerno and onward, please contact me, you can message me on Discord at Arceus#0521 and we'll talk.

Vesta Salerno Alpha 1:

  • Recreated file structure.
  • Installed Twig and dependencies.
  • Database wrapper and settings.
  • Registration system.