Known Bugs

Started by Lenara at Dec 31, 2020 6:18 pm
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Have a bug? Check the list before posting just in case it's already been reported!

Bug list:


  1. Accidental grandchild forums by drag and drop method. Unintentional ordering causes the forum to be uneditable.
  2. reCAPTCHA integration errors. 
  3. Images erroring when uploaded as if they are too large. Image size checks are too strict sometimes, treats everything as too big
  4. Mobile Menu not visible. This is related to bootstrap issues. 
  5.  editable after acceptance changing but not actually stopping editing. Not sure if Vesta bug or site bug based on this thread
  6. when the post form is submitted but there is an error, don't just lose the rest of the form submission, e.g. losing the user's post just because they forgot to set a title, but instead put the content back in so the user can fix their mistake and not have to re-enter their post (or whatever)
  7. Affiliate rules button code issue. [here]
  8. Adjust view permissions for the forum boards because threads that shouldn't be showing up for certain users are.
  9. Deleting a default theme will not move everyone using it to Eros.
  10. Last post controls/calculations should also probably be fiddled with because they're interfering with each other.
  11. Viewing the alert page does not mark the alerts read, only the drop-down does.
  12. Guests can manage and create characters and obviously shouldn't be able to.
  13. Deleted topics leave behind an empty row in subscriptions, obviously this isn't right.
  14. IP addresses stored in member data don't change even though the user's address does change.
  15. Online list duplicates entries.
  16. Last poser info displays incorrectly for subforums
  17. post and topic count also sometimes displays incorrectly.
  18. Joint posting edit lock does not always properly release.