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Started by Camy at Jul 04, 2020 at 11:18 pm
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Here's some ideas I have in mind~

  • Shop system - we [site owners] can figure out the currency name, have it's own icon (upload it), and the items can be uploaded with an image, name, and description.  Can set what's in stock, limited or not, and make it hidden for non-staff members.  Inventory system will also have to be made as well.

  • Achievements for activities - Customize some activities like a posting event or "post x in x amount of days".  Can be super simple with a reward of currency.  Staff could overlook it and see if they did meet the requirements after they submit proof "Topic thread, activity type, and topic link."  Boom, done.  [Hopefully lol]

I finally got a chance to play around with Vesta and I'm like WOW at all of the features already thrown in, even some that I just love already to make our jobs easier.  It's fantastic.  Greatly love the theme system too, blocks as well, as a web designer.  Makes it so easy to understand what's going on and not be lost.

These ideas are what I would love to have since the community I roleplay in rely big time on the shop system more so than the other so I figured to suggest it.  




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They don't think that I listen, oh but I know who they are.

Thanks for the suggestions! Those are on the list already c: The shop system will be coming with the battle system, and the awards system will be... at some point. It was going to be in this version but I had too many other things to focus on for the beta so it didn't quite make it xD

Glad you're enjoying Vesta!

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