Joint Posting Question

Started by Stormwolfe at Apr 11, 2020 10:32 am
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Good Day,

I have a curiosity only question.

Believe it or not, I just noticed today that when I access a JP post via Manage, it gives me the option to change authors and characters. Is that because I am in the site owner's group or because we are supposed to change the author/character to the one we're posting as?

Just want to make sure we are using the JP feature correctly.



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That's only there because you are admin. For regular users, it should be showing what character posted, even if it's not theirs, and have the option to change it to one they have. You're not 'meant' to run the JP function any specific way, so however you want to do it, there we go. I will say I do believe Vesta will clock every swap to a character as a new post, so if you change it to your own character every time you add to it, you'll rack up a lot of posts that way. Might be a desirable outcome though. I might also recommend at least one swap so that it will appear in the character's thread tracker.