Cloudflare Migration

Started by Arceus at Mar 31, 2020 4:49 pm
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With the hosting service becoming more popular, I'm migrating the hosting URLs to Cloudflare's DDoS protection and DNS management. If you're on, your site will automatically be moved over when I migrate

Those of you that have your own domains, you can protect your site if you feel like it's necessary by signing up for Cloudflare and migrating your site's DNS management to Cloudflare instead. If at any point your site becomes the target of a DDoS and it takes the server down I will have no choice but to cut your site off temporarily, so keep that in mind. I will not fight it, I'll just take your site down for a few days. is already under Cloudflare protection, most likely no one will notice anything, barring maybe a slight hiccup where the site in question doesn't load for a few minutes. (My registrar is very quick about updating records.) However, the site will thus operate not on your browser's cache, but on Cloudflare's, so it will take some time to see changes such as CSS changes on your site.