1. Avatar images are 250x250.
  2. I can't remember how large cover images are but they are allowed.
  3. Characters can be created; there is a designated forum in the system to allow users to test the character system and see if it's something they would like using.
  4. Keep bugs to the right place, questions to the right place, requests to the right place.
  5. Keep your thread titles relevant to the question, issue, or topic you are posting about.
  6. Be sure to be as specific as you can be with your questions and with any bugs that you encounter. This ensures I can help you quickly and efficiently.
  7. Remember Gaia is in alpha. Wonkiness will occur.
  8. Advertisements are used on the support site. As such, mature content must not be posted on this site.

Hosted Rules

  1. You'll have ads. You can get rid of these ads for a small monthly fee.
  2. As such, mature content is not allowed for those that still have ads.
  3. No, I actually really don't care but Google really does.
  4. You may request a copy of your database at any time by emailing arceus at kazeshini.net. You will not get the files unless you've also donated to the Gaia project and thus can download said files and use them freely, only the database (which is where all your members and posts and stuff are).
  5. Any site that causes undue stress on the server will be disabled.
  6. Offer cat pictures to your host overlady once in a while. I love cats.
  7. I'll also accept soda. Mountain Dew, either standard, Baja Blast, or Voltage.
  8. Oh, one more thing, don't click the ads just to "help out." Only click those ads if you're actually interested in the ad itself.
    1. Google's supersmart algorithms can tell when you're just being nice to me and will shut my AdSense account down, because it's not supersmart enough to figure out when you're just being nice to me, or when I'm trying to dupe the system.
    2. No, I'm serious. So don't tell your members to click them, either.