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SMF Hosting and Design

You will be charged slightly higher than you are quoted. This is for tax purposes.


There are three types of themes available from IP Tech: Basic, Advanced, and Premium. Basic themes are simply colour customised. These themes use the default SMF templates, and have no layout design customisations whatsoever. Basic pre-made themes are free. Advanced themes are the next step up. They may have a custom board index, custom display template for threads, or both. Advanced themes will cost $10-20 USD each. Finally, premium themes have most of, or all of every front-facing template in the SMF system customised. They will run from $30-50 each, with a few of the more expensive options having a custom administration control panel layout.

Basic Themes

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Advanced Themes

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Premium Themes

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Purchase a Custom Theme

Custom themes can be purchased below. These themes are created to your specifications. Arceus does not do the design/layout aspect for you - you'll need to have a solid idea of what you want, and send in either sketches of the layout design, or rough illustrations put together in Paint or Photoshop, as well as colour schemes and any images you want used in the theme. Arceus does dark and mixed themes better than light themes, but the latter is doable as well.

Theme pricing is dependent on how much of the theme is customised. You can order a custom theme in any of the above variants. Premium custom themes are default $30, and this includes the board index, display template, and a third template of your choice customised in layout. For more than five templates customised, contact Arceus, as you'll need a custom price for it. Each new template customised is roughly $10 USD. Note that PayPal is set up to charge tax, so you will pay slightly higher than this. The tax rate is currently 14.7% (covers sales, federal, and state).

Theme Types