What do you get for donating?

The ability to freely download and manipulate the backend of your Gaia installation, as well as host it on any server or website you want. You'll also get an ad-free experience. Cool, right? Right. You'll also get some strain off my basement toaster, and trust me, that's a good thing. Poor basement toaster.

(Basement toaster isn't too much of a toaster, to be fair.)

You'll also get the joy of being a supporter of the Gaia software suite project, and knowing that I eat more than once in a while. c; Well, I think you'll probably be feeding my cats more than me, but the idea's the same. Early donors (those that chip in prior to Gaia's version 1 release) also get a gift sent to them in the mail. I never have a timeline for that because it requires going to the post office and ugh people.

Our current wonderful sponsors are:

  1. Yume
  2. Stormwolfe
  3. Zozma
  4. dragonborn
  5. Nariko
  6. Mr. Russian (he knows who he is)
  7. ladyquack