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In Populus is currently not accepting new hostees.
Hostees will be charged slightly higher than is quoted. This is for tax purposes.


In Populus Technology is also a webhost. We only work with SMF, we do not deal with MyBB or PHPBB, and we do not deal in paid software such as IPB 3+. However, hosting with us is simple, and we do have a free plan available, and several perks for those looking for something a little more featured.

Our Server: Catastropika

Formerly Articuno.
It became Catastropika when it imploded on itself, and made Arceus fight it for two days to get it back online.
Lenovo ThinkServer TS140. CentOS Linux 7.4.1708, Intel Core i3 quad core @ 3.40GHz, 4 GB RAM, 4 TB hard drive.

Our server does not have cPanel set up, we currently cannot afford it, but we do have FTP access. Database management will need to go through Arceus.

Catastropika experiences occasional downtime. This is usually not longer than a few minutes, but may extend to upwards of a day, depending on what is wrong. Once in a very great while, a tree branch comes down on a power line, or similar, and the server is thusly helplessly out for a few days. We thank our hostees for their patience during these times.

Plans and Pricing

Our plans come with features by default; extra features can be purchased separately (if you have a domain of your own already, we can attach it to the server for you, the domains are only if you don't have one to use). Those hosted with IP Tech also have rights, and are encouraged, to be in the IP Tech Discord server, and this is where Arceus and co will post technical updates when the server is down.

Emergency support is available (if you implode your board, Arceus will help fix it), but continuous support, available with the Premium plan, nets you personalised support from Arceus, and answers to all your questions.


One free custom basic theme
Free subdomain
One site
Your choice of mods
Battle Suite Skill Module
Emergency support
Custom mods



One free custom advanced theme
Free top-level domain
Four sites
Your choice of mods
Suite Skill + Ability Module
Emergency support
Custom mods



One free custom premium theme
Free top-level domain
Unlimited sites
Your choice of mods
Full Battle Suite
Continous support
Custom mods


Why are these plans so expensive?

What you are paying for is actually Arceus' expertise, not the hosting and only the hosting. Sure, you can get hosting elsewhere for much cheaper, but your host will not have any idea what to tell you when you go asking strange questions about some weird thing called role-play, or you break SMF in one of those quirky ways it likes to do. Your host will also be unlikely to be able to make you a theme.

If you want a basic plan, email Arceus.