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In free time, Arceus creates social media and communications templates, typically just phone templates, that are free to use on role-playing boards. Below, you'll find them. Most of them have the ability to have the colours changed, and many can take a background image that will function as a phone 'skin' mimicry.

Oh Miah ♥ — Skinnable Android

This template can be extremely difficult to wrap your head around, so it is not recommended for users that aren't familiar with HTML. However, almost everything on it can be changed, from the time stamps, even the one at the top, to the background image.

It was designed as the first real concept of a skinnable phone template, so that users can make the template their own by just changing which image it uses as a background.

Unfortunately, it is a very delicate template, and the oddest of things break it.

Purity — Skinnable Pure CSS/HTML

As this one is entirely CSS/HTML, it is very easily customised. Designed to be relatively easy to use, this one is highly recommended for beginner users. Everything about this template can be changed, and the same size of background image as Oh Miah ♥ fits Purity. This template comes with FontAwesome 4.7.

A background image can be added by finding: and replacing it by: You can also change the background colour this way, instead replacing by:

Class="phoneheader2" and class="msg_body_left" are also designed to be changeable this way, but these two are meant to be the same colour.

Invidia Smolfone — Skinnable Pure CSS/HTML

Another pure CSS/HTML template, Invidia Smolfone was designed to be... small! The Invidia Smolfone can also handle alteration of the colours of essentially anything in the template. Because it is also a CSS/HTML template, it can also handle background images.

The top image is the character you're sending to, and is 40x40 (any square image is good enough, it will resize itself). The bottom image is your character, and is 30x30 (again, any square is fine, it will resize). This template comes with Roboto font, and FontAwesome 5.

What is what:
class="invidia_body" : Change this div's background colour, or add a background image, to create a skinned phone. This is the main phone shape.
class="invidia_icons" : This div holds the top-bar, where the signal and battery are. Change this div's background colour, or font colour, to alter the dark grey bar at the top.
class="invidia_contact" : This div is the contact bar, meant for the name of the character you're messaging. Change its background and font colours to alter the larger, slightly lighter grey bar at the top.
class="invidia_content" : This is the grey body background of the message area.
class="invidia_message" : The actual text message.
class="invidia_message_right" : Right side aligned text message. It is a dark grey by default.
class="invidia_footer" : The dark grey bar at the bottom.
class="invidia_input" : The Type here... line.