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The home of freelancer programmer and SMF enthusiast, Arceus, IP Technology aims to help make running a forum role-play on SMF easier than ever on its admin staff.
None know better than Arceus that SMF can be a difficult beast. From clean, modern designs for Simple Machines Forum, to custom designs made just for you, to hosting options, getting your site started on SMF has never been easier.

Choose a free theme for a basic, clean look for your site, customise it the way you like using the easy-to-use customisation otpions in the theme settings, find tutorials on how to achieve certain functions and looks with SMF, or just simplistic how to use it tutorials for beginners. Or, opt for hosting with IP Tech, and have a master behind you when you need something done.

Our SMF theme designs are recoded and rewritten from scratch, many of which are fully-customised on all user-facing templates, meaning a sleeker design for you, and greater ease of use for your member-base. Themes can be easily integrated with SimplePortal, SubAccounts, and many other modifications made for SMF. Many of IP Tech's designs also include FontAwesome, jQuery enhancements, and or Google Font embeds, making your site's appearance clean, easy to read, easy to navigate, and full of great functionality.

With over ten years of running forums on the SMF software under their belt, Arceus is a helpful and knowledgeable person to have behind you when you're stumbling into self-hosting with the software. SMF can be difficult to learn, but the rewards are very high, offering a very extendable, customisable software platform to run your role-plays on, and no two installs are exactly the same. Take the stress out of learning SMF, and let Arceus guide you through it, or handle all the nitty-gritty details for you outright. Arceus will often explain what they're doing, and why, in easy layman's terms.

Meet Arceus

Arceus is a thirty-year old, self-taught PHP/MySQL programmer and website coder from the midwest USA. They began hosting with SMF in the mid-late 2000s, perhaps not long after SMF 2.0 reached RC2, and never looked back. Since then, they've been hosting most of their own sites on the SMF platform, and have spent over ten years now working with SMF's back-end code. Probably, they're good enough by now to volunteer as one of SMF's developers, but their interest has always been different than that of the core development team; role-plays.

A passion of theirs, from the time they were small (think eight years old), role-playing is very dear to Arceus, and they seek to continue encouraging a new generation of forum role-play administrators, by offering help and knowledge to them that they learned perhaps the hard way. As the last SMF expert in the role-play world left, Arceus takes great joy in sharing this knowledge and assisting budding SMF admins in seeing the extendability of the software, and fixing things when they break.

In more recent years, Arceus has begun working on a project called the Battle Suite, which aims to automate as many aspects of running a tabletop-like system on a forum RPG as possible. The goal is that the end user should never touch numbers ever again, and thus far, the Battle Suite has been wildly successful in its ambition. With everything from skill management and automated levelling, to party creature management, to an automatic spawner and bestiary, to an automatic, guided quest system, faction controls, and reputation system, the Battle Suite is ambitious, but it is happening.

With the imminent upgrade of SMF 2 into 2.1+, and varying improvements to PHP 7, Arceus has written a character management system for SMF 2.1, as the original SubAccounts modification has broken on it. This mod will later be bundled with Battle Suite 5 (current version is 4), to create the SMF RPG Suite, a collection of tools for role-play administrators.