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In Populus Technology

SMF Hosting and Design


In Populus Technology was intended to someday become a new web-hosting and design company. Things change, however, and eventually, Arceus settled comfortably into making it their freelance company. IP Tech is not officially registered as a company, and likely never will be.

Arceus is a 28 year old self-taught coder and programmer from the midwest United States. Since they were 16 years old, they've been using Simple Machines Forum and learning to code and write new modifications on the software. Today, Arceus can customise every front-facing template in the default SMF system, as well as create many aesthetic-based modifications, and has recently branched into feature modifications, the largest of which is the Battle Suite.

The Battle Suite

In 2014, one of Arceus' hostees, a Pokemon role-play with table-top game elements, needed a Pokemon spawner. From that simplistic, flat-file Pokemon spawner, came the Skill Suite, and then the Battle Suite, designed from the ground up to be fully customisable, with all features able to be disabled, altered, names of features changed, messages across the system alterable, so that it can be made to work with virtually any setting. The Battle Suite automates almost all table-top elements in an RPG battle system, with user-friendly interfaces and easy to use controllers. Take the mathematics game out of table-top systems, and a load off your players and your staff. The Suite handles automatic skill use and user / skill levels, party management, abilities, creature spawning, factions, user reputation, auto-DM'd quests (with choice-based forking and variant difficulty levels), two different mechanics for relationship-based roll boosters between user and party member, an item system that handles user shops (sell items and party members to other players, also has a trade system), automatic equipment boosts, and an HP calculator.

And to everyone that said I couldn't do it: Stick that in your juicebox and suck it.